Texas Open Carry, 30.07

30.07 No Open Carry Sign

Get ready for TX 30.07, if you don't want Open Carry on your property in Texas you need to post it using specific language in both english and spanish.

The new law goes into effect January 1, 2016, all persons with a valid TX carry permit will be allowed to Open Carry in many more places in Texas than on Dec 31, 2015. If you as a property owner, or manager, do not want Open Carry on your property you have to post it. You can't use any sign, or language that you want and you can't post it in an out of the way location. You have use the wording in the statute, 1" high lettering, contrasting color, and have it in English and Spanish as well. Additionally, you have to post it at every entrance to your property - ALL of them, vehicular entry points and pedestrian entry points. If you are only restricting open carry to the leasing office you only have to post a sign at the doors to the leasing office. Keep in mind these signs aren't small; by statute the letting must be 1" high and there is a lot of text. We have been able to get the size down to 18" x 24" and keep a graphic and header in place.

We have signs that meet the requirements of TX 30.07 ready to ship out. Item numbers STY1824GUN, C1824GUN, and C1824GUNR signs for on your building near the door, and both reflective and non reflective aluminum for at your vehicle entrances.

Concealed carry is a different, but similar issue and 30.07 does not address it - 30.06 does, but that's another post...

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